Pointcloud layer with Projector node

using the a Pointcloud generated by layer I am having a hard time to match the point cloud with its original object if I use the Projector node with some y-shift how to compensate for that and is there a way to calculate automatically the FOVxy ?

Pointcloud test.zip (15.5 MB)

The easiest way is to use the camera that is included in the pointcloud pack.

see attached patch

Pointcloud test.zip (14.8 MB)

Yes but my question is specific to the projector node, otherwise the only solution possible is to do an orthographic view of a texture rendered out the perspective of the projector node, but in this case I d lose the depth of the points.

hi, i need to check that out, i think u might have projected texture calculation inside shader witch uses wrong formula

yea this place:

float4 pos = float4(0,0,0,1);
		pos.x = ((coord.x - 0.5) * depth * XtoZ );
		pos.y = ((0.5 - coord.y) * depth * YtoZ);
		pos.z = depth;

has to be changed with this:

float3 UVtoEYE(float2 UV){return normalize(mul(float4(mul(float4((UV.xy*2-1)*float2(1,-1),0,1),tPI).xy,1,0),tVI).xyz);}

in Data_CS_BuildPcb_Layer.fx

otherwise distorted projection matrix not gonna work