Point size (fill)

Is it possible to get a bigger point size, ie 3 or 4 pixels instead of 1? Is this a shader thing or a more in depth dx thing? If its a shader, where would I start!



i don’t really understand, what you mean with point size, can you explain in more detail?

Fill (EX9.Renderstate) controls a state in dx that could be described as a more in depth dx thing, and yeah, sorry, it is not tweakable by a shader.

Thats ashame, I really like the array of dots you can get! Just without a bit of a boost you cant see them on a projector! Would it be possible to use a shader to position a dot bitmap on the intersections?


actually there is this PSize field in a vertexbuffer which allows you to scale the pointsize used in Point drawing mode.

split your mesh and vertexbuffer and join it to a new vertexbuffer adding the psize field. then join that back to a mesh. i am pretty sure that is what you want…

Thanks Joreg, thats exactly it!