Png texture

hello everyone,

Think I have a fast&dumb question,
I have 2 quads with png textures (from a filetexture) moving in z axis, the alpha channels of my png’s are not working correctly.I can see the png but it is not transparent…the quad is there…

when I open it on a image browser there is a alpha…


no one? anyone?
this should be simple right?..

not exactly. you hit the weak point in the way graphic cards work.

but its in the FAQ .

there is some more indepth analysis on the Transparency page

hey oschatz,
thanks for the heads up, i looked into the documentations and i see that i cant use png’s for my project,
I am doing this road simulation application, and there is like billboards & lights moving towards the camera…
I have to use a lot of spreads for duplicating elements around…
What i see now is even if I use the blend node I can’t have the transparency with spreads…
I dont know how i can possibly do this project without seeing through my pngs or blending them…
why wouldnt it work with with spreads? is there anyway to do that?
i am not forced to use pngs i can change my format too…

thank you

or maybe to do a keying on textures? would it work?

you should try alphatest>greater with some value between 0 and 1
this works ok if you have hard edged alpha
its like keying, pngs should work

yesss man you just made my day!!!
thank you thanks alot…