:PLUGINS:\BassSound.dll not found

Sorry for the stupid question, but I just can not figure this out. I have vvvv and the addons pack, which is unpacked in the vvvv directory. However, the Bass audio nodes are not available and when I run the bass help patches I get an error saying that the :PLUGINS:\BassSound.dll can not be found. I downloaded the Bass files from the unseen website, which includes bass.dll and copied this dll file into the plugins dir where the Bass help patches are and even renamed it to BassSound.dll, but it did not work. I’m sure there is an easy fix here, and anyone enlighten me?


hei mtcoast, you’re not supposed to download/install anything but the addonpack. everything you need is inside there. so if it does not work for your chances are that you didn’t correctly unpack the addonpack. do any of the other plugins work?

you can check your files as well:
has a couple of .dlls starting with “bass…” including the BassSound.dll

true for you?