Pluging code editor Flashing

Hi guys

i guess someone post about it before just did not see but in case.

Pluging code editor has this funny bug that start jumping the screen from bottom top like animated . it happens to me about 10 times a day when using editor.

i only got rid off it by closing vvvv.

cheers ;D

never seen. can you screenrecord this? and it is not the snappy windows feature of windows7/8?

hi yes i,ll try to record it next time ,i have some fellows around that are having the same cheeky bug , using windows 7 and 8 it happens in both.

what a coincidence, i just recorded this bug a few days ago. unfortunatelly i can’t tell how to reproduce it but it happend a few times to me.

the regions like to rock!

wow. so this is without you doing anything opening/closing all regions?

yes, no interaction

had this once, when accidentally a file was opened 2 times from different locations or something like that.

Yes, was one thing I discussed (briefly) on IRC, when you right click on the same shader (or plugin) from 2 different node instances, it opens two code editor windows, when you save it then thinks it’s always in a changed state.

Hope that helps a bit, this part is super simple to reproduce.

Best (correct) way, have one code editor window per physical file, several just doesn’t make sense.

PS : I love how vvvv can manage to confuse itself ;)

funny one. fixed in upcoming.