Plugin sharing howto?


I created a c# Plugin for my Velleman k8055 USB interface.
I’d like to share it but I don’t know how to… please help!

Anyway, I attached my .cs file so if you like you can have a look at it (btw sorry for ignoring any coding conventions, this is my first plugin). Of course any improvements and suggestions are welcome.
For using this plugin you need to install the drivers (from CD or Velleman homepage).

C1Valuek8055Node.cs_.txt (4.6 kB)

hei js,

at the moment there are 2 ways to share a plugin:

  • the good: if you are serious about your plugin you should put its source under version control and take care of it over time. to do this get an account on sourceforge and upload your code to: where all the other plugins of the addonpack are hosted and automatically compiled and included in the pack. also see contributing-to-the-addonpack
  • the easy: zip and add it to the contributions. if you’re not so serious or you don’t want to share sources just put it there for everyone to download manually.

Hi joreg,
thanks a lot… but I still don’t know what to share… Can I compile a dll? How?


there is already a .dll created. see the directory where you cloned your plugin to. it should have a \bin\dynamic directory that holds a .dll (or multiple). take the latest, give it a more beautiful name and that is your .dll then. gut?