Plugin interface v2 imports

is there somewhere that lists the types of objects (and what the represent) that can be accessed using the Import attribute (either on a field/property or on parameters to an importing constructor)?

so far i’ve found (mostly using Reflector to look through existing plugins / managed assemblies):

  • IPluginHost
  • ILogger
  • INode (does this represent the current instance of a plugin?)
  • INodeBrowserHost
  • IKommunikatorHost
  • INodeInfoFactory
  • IWindowSwitcherHost
  • NodeCollection
  • IHDEHost
  • ISolution
  • EditorFactory
  • DotNetPluginFactory
  • ExportFactory

ai zer0,

have you seen our source documentation?

this interface is implemented by every node in vvvv. if you import it on the plugin you get the plugin host -> the unmanaged node which hosts your managed plugin.
the interface gives us access to he graph. i’d not recommend to use it though. i think we shouldn’t even have exposed it in the plugin interface. instead use the INode2 interface. it is much easier to handle. you can enumerate it for possible child nodes, enumerate its pin property or ask for its parent. you get access to the root node of vvvv by importing IHDEHost on your plugin and read the RootNode property.

all this stuff is still very new, so it might happen that a few things could change in the future.

if you want to know more about such internal and not documented stuff i’d recommend you to visit us in irc.