Plotting some points

hey there. im experimenting with some generative algorithms i got in a book and would like a bit of help. i have pretty much everything ready to go, except the recursion. here is an image of the function.

2 questions? how do i employ the whole Xn, Xn+1 etc…

and when when i go to place the points on a renderer, i can see some problems with mapping. im not sure what the min-max inputs should be set to.

the functions themselves are easy enough.

any help is great thanks.

gener.jpg (16.3 kB)

heres the patch with the functions created.

gen.v4p (19.1 kB)

hello, this is quite similar to the attractor patches here. you feedback the x and y with FrameDelay… there was also a small term of the formula missing in the patch.

cool thanks!!
yea ive tried that alright! although i seem to be hitting ‘MaxFloat’ everytime. ill work a bit more on it thanks.

hey, i made a patch for you, but forgot to upload:

gen2.v4p (25.6 kB)