Please shed some light on internal audio routing

hi everybody.

what i want to do sounds quite simple: i want audio output from traktor, my dj application of choice, routed into vvvv.
thanks to mr. vux’s audioIn(bass) this should be possible, at least theoretically.

i don’t know much about the workings of asio, but I do know that i can’t use an audio device in more than one application simultaneously. so i figured that using the default driver of my numark djio audio interface will get me nowhere. right now i’m using a combination of asio4all and vac. i attached a screen grab of my settings.

long story short: with my current settings i don’t get any audio into vvvv and I’m tired of my trial&error approaches to this problem. i assume somebody must have succeeded in internal audio routing… could you please share your experience?


routing_setup.jpg (118.8 kB)

hello, i would say that its not possible with asio drivers. on my laptop i have to use the directX drivers and select ‘Stereomix’ as input. also you have to use vvvv’s internal audio nodes and not the bass asio nodes… have a look at the help patch of FFT (DShow9)

yeah, of course! i just leave asio4all as output in traktor and tell asio4all to route the audio to my numark audio interface AND my internal realtek audio. then i use the dshow audioIn and grab me some stereo mix. just tried it, works like a charm.

zu früh gefreut. asio4all will only output to one device, so i can analyze the signal from my realtek card, but won’t get any output from my numark audio interface…

i am now back to physical cables instead of virtual ones, routing the output signal from my djio into the line-in of my laptop…