Please please! (position of window)

Hi, I have my Windows taskbar at the top, and when I open the program, it tends to go at the top of my screen, but, because I have my taskbar in there, it goes behind it.

So, I have to unlock my taskbar, move the vvvv window(s) a little bit down, restore my taskbar to its position and lock it again, very tiresome/cumbersome.

Please, can this get fixed? Is there a temporal solution?

thanks a lot!

I’m loving vvvv!

thought the window node could help but it seems broken somehow. even the helpfile doesnt work anymore. is this right ?

No I used it yesterday, but the help file was broken, I’ll try and put a fixed on up here.

this should help, although its not the same as the previous help file, not sure whats missing…

Window (Windows) help.v4p (15.6 kB)

thanks for noting. i fixed the helpfile. the WindowListEnum is now in a seperate node called WindowLists. there you get a string of all the window titles. the HWND node converts those titles to window handles which you can feed to the Window (Windows) node.

but for the initial question:
“and when I open the program, it tends to go at the top of my screen”
i assume with “program” you mean vvvv?! you should be able to save the patches at a position you want. on next startup they should be exactly there.

you should also switch off the taskbars option “always stay in front of other windows” because that can interfere with vvvvs fullscreen.

btw. i also work happily with the taskbar on top.

Hi, thanks

**Joreg:**thanks, yes I meant vvvv.

The problem is that if I open other peoples patches, almost all have their windows positioned at the top… I see, so it’s an individual choice.

I’ll uncheck the “always stay in front of other windows”

thanks again.