Playing one of multiple Videos

I just started using vvvv and now I want to display one of multiple videos conditionally.
I found a way to get that done with a multiFlipFlop that checks which video I want based on keyboard input and a switch which, based on the flipflop output, forwards one of the videos to a renderer.
That feels rather clunky and very prone to errors.

Will I have to do it like that or did I miss something that would help in that situation?



I would go with something like this if I understood your question correctly.

see attached

oneofmultiplevideos.v4p (10.1 kB)

Or a bit simpler just with the Select (String).
Like this.

But it depends on what does your “conditionally” means.


oneofmultiplevideos_Select.v4p (20.6 kB)

doesn’t this sound similar?

I used the string select node. Now if I’m holding the key down, the video starts playing as I wanted it to.

If I press another button to load another video that also works, but they continue at the same point. By that I mean that if video A stopped after 30 seconds, video B will then play from second 30 on.

How do I stop that? Or is there a way to “rewind” a video (or rather the FileStream)?

Hi Reims,

It sounds like your Filestream node receives a spread of the video-filenames instead of just one of the slices. Check its ‘Filename’ pin, is there only slice coming in? If there is a spread - something is wrong in your patch, because actually the Filestream node starts to play videos always from the beginning.

Please provide you patch.

Anyway, the Filestream node has the ‘Do Seek’ and the ‘Seek Time’ pins. If you bang the ‘Do Seek’ pin the video jumps to the ‘Seek Time’ value (which is 0 by default). This can be used for “rewinding” the videos.