Playing girlpower Pong with Kinect

Hi guys,

I was simply trying to control the girlpower pong with kinect via contour when I notice some problem managing multiple contour output…

(Surely because of my gaps using the basic nodes in VVVV.)

If someone interested into this simple game-project please help me to find the easiest way to manage this kind of interaction.

robe (22.5 kB)

Updated patch: I noticed that the pong games broke on open if no value from contour node is sent… sorry.

Now is working, but you have to initialize the contour showing something at the camera and then connect the R nodes to the pong module; and you can just play alone with one hand…

If you want to play with 2 blobs one of them takes the priority on the other.

Other Issue: I can’t figure out why and when the counter gives double score.

Someone interested in?

bye (22.5 kB)

i played with it a couple of hours, check it out, it seem “quite” working :P
maybe blurring the depth image could prevent countour form getting false blobs.

KinectPong.rar (54.2 kB)

Thanks sapo, nice work on the patch.
Even if i didn’t understand something in it.

Still Studing it…

What I’m trying to achive is a dual player pong in which the blob on the left on the screen moves the left pad, and the blob on the right moves the right one.

Still working on this…

If someone has got ideas on how to manage those two blobs just tell me.

PS: Also playing vs computer is fun!!
Thanks again

you are welcome :) what you don’t understand?
should work with 2 players, doesn’t it? just it doesn’t care if the player is inthe right/left part of the screen.

Now I understand it at all.
Thanks to make me know AvoidNIL and all the pathing you made, very usefull…

To me doesn’t work well with two player; I think the blobs detected with the contour aren’t so stable and interfered with each other.
Dividing the left from the right was a good starting point; maybe using also the ID in the “if statement” would be helpful.
I will try

Thanks again

maybe you can set it to detect all the blobs in each half screen. average them and use that as coordinates for controlling the pad

kinect laser girlpower pong ?


I am pretty new to VVVV, sorry fot that…
When i open the KinectPong.rar patch from sapo the kinect (ex9) module is red.

I have installed the Microsoft SDK and the addons package and tried to use the “Kinect (Microsft Devices) EX9 vux” patch instead but i dont get it to work.

The “DX9Texture” wont accept the values from the depth output pin of the vux patch. Can anyone give me some advice please?

Thanks in advance!
greeting jeroen