Player - texture - performance

i have a pipette that changes the textures of 60x60 quads. during change i want to play small videotextures on them (60 x 60 px, 15 pictures each).

i am using the player node, controlling it with my 3600 spread through the “visible indieces” input.

my frame drops from 50 to 15, can you guys recommend a more efficient way to do this?


what kind image format do read with the player?

PNG, i need alpha.

png has very bad decoding performance, try .dds with DXT5 compression this should be the fastest.

If you don’t need alpha use DXT1.

what about uncompressed tiff? … if you need quality besides alpha

Sounds to me more like a pipette bottleneck
These few frames should all fit into RAM, no?

that’s why i was wondering…

it seems like the player node is limiting my framerate to 25. if i delete it, the patch runs at 60.

my 25 preloaded pictures - is it possible they set the speed somehow?

what about uncompressed tiff?
as long as your hardrive is fast enough feel free to use it.

if you simply play one of your stacks with the player’s help patch, same framerate drop?

and have a look at the two timing output pins of the player. what values do you see there?


yes, also ~25fps when using the play pin.

which timing output pins? player only has following out pins: texture, texture binsize, framecount, loaded(24 loaded binsize(24)

those pins are hidden. open the inspektor.