Player (texture) dx11

Hey there,

is there a dx11 version of the player node allready or is anybody currently developing a node?

I find this node quite essential and would really like to completely change to DX11.

hopeing to hear from you guys.


There isn’t an official ‘dx11 release’ of it
If I remember catweasel did a dx11 version using Filetexture 2dPooled (thanks vux&flateric)…
I think it was posted on forum months ago

Hmmm, cant find it, do you have a link?
Does anyone know if there is going to be an official version?

regards again :-)

guess it will be official. the node can be found on vuxens git already



I’m currently on the road, could somebody post a built version?

@neon u talk about player kinect or player texture???

Sorry for the confusion, I am looking for a Player (texture) dx11 version …

u can work it out using texture array…

hm, i’d rather say, that FileTexture (DX11 2D.Pooled) is the node you want…

This is of course working but I really like Eno’s Work with the Player(EX9) Node and the timebased version, maybe this could be adapted sometime :-)

FileTexture (DX11 2D.Pooled) is the dx11 solution

Otherwise u can contact nSynk guys (as written in help patch)

Developed in collaboration with eno | nSynk.
Consult nSynk for professional support and implementations:
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There’s no helppatch for FileTexture (DX11 2d.Pooled). How to use it? With Dir node, and a GetSlice (String)?


very cool circuit, thanks a lot!

bump here, do we have currently some solution because i cant work it out, i use hd dds and fps drops down to 40 fps from around 200 which is not normal imo, does somebody have working example please?

ok managed to do it like this, is it proper way to do this?

player dx11 (20.4 kB)

I have my solution here if you want something to compare to.