Player (EX9.Texture) stutter

Hi All

not sure if this goes as a bug or not.

I have amade a little slideshow module using Player (EX9.Texture) to load the images with the idea that the multi threaded inner workings of it would create nice slideshows in an easy way, after all, a slideshow is just images played back at a really slow framerate.

I have made this slideshow module and to add some more motion, I am transforming the textures and this is where the problem comes in, I get a stutter whenever the player node loads a new texture.

I have adjusted the number of images to pre load as well as the numbers of threads in the player node.

my files are 3504X676 in size so roughly fullHD in size, I am using an SSD, so speed shouldn’t be an issue or am I wrong?

any help would be appreciated


EDIT: I am on win7 64bit running beta33.1x64

SlideshowStutter.v4p (23.5 kB)

I did play around with DDS files and when I noticed that I can easily run them at 60fps in the help patch for the Player node, I based it on that and started over from scratch, Since the original patch was still stuttering when I used DDS files.

Now it seem to run just fine.

Slideshow (EX9.Texture).v4p (20.3 kB)