Player Ex9.Texture Multiple Directories

Hey I use the new player.Ex9Texture it really works well so far.

Now Im trying to use it with different folders of images. If I input one dir and then the next and hit reload, VVVV hangs for some time. So I tried to pass all directories in my case 24, i set directory bin size to 1 and the preload frame binsize to 8 for the dir i want to read and 0 for all other dirs that im not playing. and for preload frames i use a lfo with an I to get the framenumbers. It works okay for a while then the memory runs full. If I hit reload the stuff gets garbage collected and I get the memory back, but of course VVVV hangs.

Is there a better way to deal with multiple Dirs?

Thanks for the help and greetings from Vienna


player.Ex9Texture for Dirs (not really working) (12.7 kB)