Player (EX9.Texture) glitches images in beta32

Hi all

I have discovered a new glitch “feature” in Player (EX9.Texture) it appears in beta32 not in beta31.2.

when loading, in this case 24 images and scrubbing back and forth in them, it looks like TV-lines glitch after a while, it seems like it somehow scales the image.


BrowserTest.v4p (8.8 kB)

thx for the report. fixed for upcoming bugfix release. there was an issue with the new texture format pin when set to “No Specific” (default) and the pixel format of the given file was not supported on the graphics card. it didn’t remember that it chose a fallback format already and re-converted the internally cached image data whenever asked for it. you can work around this issue by setting the texture format to something specific, like in your case X8R8G8B.