Player (DX11.Texture) DX11 1.1

I can’t get Player (DX11.Texture) to work with beta34.2 (x86) with latest DX11 pack.

Seems like there is a fix here:

Any chance of getting the contribution updated without having to go compile it myself?

just uploaded a working version.

Big thanks for uploading!

Unfortunately it doesn’t work very well for me.

It starts ok but with spikes of low framerates.

Renderer (TTY) reports Index out of range for matrix on start-up.

Then after a while TTY fills with: “00:08:44 : SlimDX.Direct3D11.Direct3D11Exception while loading: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED: Hardware device removed. (-2005270523)”

And the image sequence halts.

I am currently using the pluign with 50beta35.8 (x64), latest DX11 nodes (v1.1) on Win 10 Pro / Nvidia GTX 1080 latest drivers. Playing back 1080p dds (BC1&BC7) sequences. The patch is running without any hiccups.
Any particular reason why you are still using 34.2?

Maybe @woei can shed some light on the error messages.

with bjoerns version it’s not necessary anymore to use 34.2.
there was a change in a dx11 interface, which got introduced after the first release.

occasional spikes are a known issue. while preloading and memoryhandling works has no problems cpu/ram wise, there is still an open issue with garbagecollection an ram/vram.

the tty error however is not known to me, and unfortunately can’t tell, where it’s coming from.

I ended up porting what little rendering stuff I had to DX9 since I had no problems with DX9 Player node.

Was using beta 34.2 x86 because well I don’t know… latest greatest stable before VL which I didn’t need and not enough experience with beta 35+ to know if there were any downsides of using it (load times), mostly just voodoo I guess. And my target system was already inside physical installation cross town along with some custom plugins only compiled for x86 without the source at home so did not want to try experimenting with different versions.

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