Play rtsp Stream

so any solutions to play back a rtsp stream in vvvv? the format is something like h264, 1280x800. should filestream vlc play it back by default?

have not tried it, but maybe like this?

tried to input the stream url but vlc wasn’t doing anything… do i need a special syntax or something? or is the filename.sdp ending important?

i’ve seen vlc console commands somewhere ah
not sure what rtsp is

no idea, but can you get vlc player to play the stream via commandline?

as far as i know yep

Hello tonfilm.

As far as I know, streaming didn’t work as well anymore since LibVLC 2.0

First thing I’ d try (I read someone who did this on the forum, don’t remember who), is try to get a version of VLC 1.x, and try it with that one. I also have had problems with a webcam myself, that worked without troubles with LibVLC 1.x.

Apart from being able to get the audio bytes, so you can play them the way you want, I haven’t seen a lot of advantages of using LibVLC 2.0 yet :(

thanks for the explanations.
should i install an older vlc player and use the old plugin from the contributions? but will that work with beta29.2 (which i need because of transparent flash content).

well best place to start is to try with normal vlc to run it from console on desired source i’m quite sure thay changed something and now it should be fixed somewhere gonna try to do some tests on tue… what i also want is find way to turnoff internal audio compressor since sound quality i got on nice audiocard still close to disaster

@tonfilm: the current plugin should work with the old dll’s

@antokhio: don’t know about any internal compression. Windows audio layer is a disaster for sound-quality in itself already (can be clearly noticed if you use foobar with asio4all => much clearer sound)

Hello probably it’s me, here: filestream-(ex9.texture-vlc)- -webcam-freezing-crashing-vvvv
(sorry there’s a problem with some symbols in the title; you should copy\paste the url, deleting space between forum/ and filestream)

Just in case: I can’t find any way to get a stream out of VLC Filestream node, with any version of VLC >= 2.0.0. Opening the stream directly in VLC >= 2.0.0 instead works fine.
Video and images are ok.

Only if I install any VLC <= 1.9.x I get a stream out the plugin.

Thank you

thats good news, will try that next week. thank you!

@tonfilm: (see your reaction on vlc-rtsp-stream)) does it open a new window for you too? instead of outputting a texture?

That could mean it takes too long for the video-stream to open. The thing is, when LibVLC reports back how many streams there are, it might ‘change its mind’ later on. For streams, this typically means, it is telling you there is an audio stream, but no video stream. A few seconds later, it could tell you there are 2 streams.
I do try to cover for this scenario by waiting a few seconds, when a stream tells me it’s audio-only (if it isn’t a file), and then checking again if there are more streams. (I fixed this in December 2011, you should find more info in Tdt, dtt, dttv?
If the stream you want to open, takes even longer to initiate and tell LibVLC there is video too, I might still miss it.

(oh, and what is the URL you tried to input?)

hello ft, thanks for looking into it. we now managed to play a rtmp stream with flash and HTMLTexture node. the url for the rtsp was:


format was 720p50 8bityuv 42222

vlc player 2.0.3 was playing it back nicely…

hi tonfilm,

with latest VLC, it crashes, but over here it does work (takes quite some time to open the stream - see tty renderer) if I point libvlc_searchpath.txt to a copy of VLC 1.1.11 that was on my harddisk.

The stream I opened was


and in tty renderer you will see the message ‘Stream detected: wait some time to see if there are more streams…’ after a while. Then it will detect the second stream also.