Play MIDI note

Someone can explain me how to make a fiducial tracker play a midi note in vvvv. with MidiShortOutput i can send message, data1 and data2. i need to send a midi note.
I use the fiducial tracker freeframe to track the objects, and i would like every object to send a midi note, like a midi piano. then of course i can send other midi parameters based on the position and rotation of that object.

here you find more information about midi-messages.

MIDI note-on consists of three bytes:


Note On - Event. This message is sent when a note is depressed (start). nnnn means the midichannel. in decimal that would be 144 in case of midichannel 1; 145 for channel 2. remember that midichannels 1-16 in vvvv are 0-15

0kkkkkkk ^(kkkkkkk) is the key (note) number.^
0vvvvvvv ^(vvvvvvv) is the velocity.^

someone maybe allready made a convenient module for midiout events?

ok, ok, try this one:

MIDInoteOn (Devices Send).v4p (53.2 kB)