Plane projection mapping with Gamma

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With Beta, when I had to deal with multiple short-throw video projectors to project on the same flat surface I’d use BezierPatch (DX11 Geometry 2d) to adjust each point of each projection. The reason is that with those wide lens the image are very distorted so this manual adjustment gives me a full control.

The question is what can I do to achieve similar result in Gamma since there’s no such BezierPatch geometry yet ? I’m not a coder myself so a hard-coding way would be out of my reach !
I’m trying with DrawFXGraph + PlaneMesh but can’t find way to do it yet… any suggestions ?

the fact no one is answering let me think that its not possible ??
so let me ask it differently, if I have to make the node myself where should I start ? some tutorials to look into ? thanks in advance !

vux’ bezierpatch code should be this:

i’d say one could create a similar node for stride and maybe even patch it.

@sebl I have no idea how to either create a similar node or patch it as vux’ bezierpatch. any suggestion on how to start ?? maybe some related tutorials if they exist ?

I’ve been looking around that topic recently, and came across this lib

Basically all you need to do is port that to VL

And then this is order of execution, you have to take cull in to account also:

if you are willing to sacrifice bezier curves against linear adjustments, just extend the “Dynamic Model from Noise” helppatch with one node:



I also used the BezierPatch in V4 Beta for Keystoning/Warping of projections a lot and face a similar problem now. I followed @motzi proposal and build a basic functioning version of a linear-keystone-warping (tested with v2021.03), but still with muuuuch space for improvement (feel free, to add onto it). If I have some time, I’ll look into it again in the future ;)
Greetings, Lorenz

Linear-Keystone-Warping_01-roughly-working.vl (109.6 KB)


@lorenz looks good, thanks! this time I was lucky that in this project we used a Christie software to calibrate and upload directly to projectors… anyways this issue will remain my key point for choosing between beta and gamma !

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