Pixelshader used in screenshot 1004?

hey you men of genius… again i’m totally fascinated by the magic of pixelshaders…who did screenshot 1004? or again, where could i get this shader? (looks like something glows)
muchas gracias- jannis

It might help if you post a link to ‘screenshot 1004’

Greetz, West

i guess he is referring to the Screenshots of the Days page. pressing CTRL-3 from within vvvv will add your image to this page. older stuff is going to
All Screenshots of all the Days which is a HUGE page even when having a FAST connection.

you can get directly to the images by using the following url

i guess most users here would be quite willing to talk more about how they archieved specific effects

…and somebody from the shoutbox already suscessfully suspected that its not a shader but the “snow” demo from the girlpower folder with some very nice parameters

i see guys…sometimes things are simpler than they appear…
and i just discoverd some nice shaders in the section on this page.
cheers jannis