PixelBillboard vs. Billboard

in DX9 i can easily combine pixelbased scaling with vvvv coordinate translation, without knowing the resolution of the renderer

is this possible in DX11 ? pixelbillboard sets the whole chain into pixelmode, which i don’t like. is there any simple way to get the DX9 workflow in DX11, without mapping the renderer res ?

see patchi

pixelbillboard.v4p (12.5 kB)

Since I don’t have access in plugin interface to matrix convolution settings, I can’t replicate the feature.

matrix convolution settings are a inconsistent concept anyway. none of them will work with vector multiplication or getmatrix.

the Inverse of a ViewProjection (or rather of a ViewAspectProjection) scaled to pixels and some integer handywork usually fit many needs better when placing assets on screen, and its doing it with math alone.