Pixel sorting

Does anybody know about some nice pixel sorting implementation in vvvv?



Sorting by what? To do what? Please elaborate a little. There are nodes like pipet, or you could write a custom shader. It depends on what you need.

Well I don’t have a particular sorting method in mind, I just wanted to see if anybody toyed around with that sort of aesthetics in vvvv, I have seen some processing examples that looked nice. and was eager to explore methods like this on image processing in vvvv.


Well sorting on CPU is easy and slow, but on gpu is a bit of a pain… If you don’t look for a realtime one you can use pipet to get all the pixels, sort them and then make new texture.

Here example how to construct texture from buffer RWStructured Buffer to Texture

To get color values out of texture check pipet dx11 help patch.

Sort Pixels.zip (125.1 KB)

thanks a bunch for this example, very straight forward.
Im looking more for a real time thing, but I understand its difficult… I saw thing example https://vimeo.com/16152118 the nice thing about it is to see the pixels sorting. moving from one position to another. also that the picture keeps its some how appearance is nice…

well this bit is more complicated basically you have to morph uv coords for each pixel, since you know each pixel initial location, you can use it as a buffer and lerp between… so basically instead of sorting changing pixel order you change pixel location

Sort Pixels.zip (1.2 MB)

you can also apply some sort of tweening functions in there.

yes, that’s exactly what I did when I got your patch before. but if I would like to do it in proper resolution we are talking about gigantic numbers of pixels, its not very very possible…

it should not be too hard to convert those:


into HLSL. also have a look at that:

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Just trying this in the latest version and just getting a blank screen on the preview on both the above examples.I’m on vvvv 50beta35.2.

Did you actually port these or just went copy&paste?
As shadertoy is glsl whereas vvvv is hlsl.

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