Pixel shader support

I have the ATI Radeon Mobility 9000. It says it supports DirectX 8.1 pixel shaders.

When I load girlpower/ShadeYourPixels.v4p the 3 squares come up blank. Is there any way to use the pixel/vertex shaders on my card or is it not recent enough?


there are different versions of vertex and pixelshaders. and differnet cards only support a subset of the available versions. the sample you opened uses vs_1_1 and ps_2_0. it is likely that your card only understands ps_1_0 shaders.

therefore you can still use shaders but have to make sure that your code is compliant with the shader version your card understands.

have a look here: Effects Network for a general introduction.

same card like me, and i just started to write something for it. i think you can only change the colors of a texture with the version of pixelshaders it supports.

the result looks good, see attachement. copy the .fx file into vvvv’s effects folder and open it from the nodelist. connect a mesh (with texture coordinates) and a texture to it to see anything. with the pins ‘rgb offset’ and ‘lightness’ you can change the rgb color channels. the code is as short as possible, easy to understand.

vertexshaders are running very good …

ColorChange.fx (2.8 kB)

i got the same graphic adapter in my thinkpad. a lot of the ati rendermonkey 1.5 examples are not running on it.

anyone tried the nvidia fx composer on an ati card? what are your shader tools of choice? a comparison chart would be nice…


there is a list of (3) tools at the bottom of Effects Network.
then there is still EffectEdit which comes with the DirectX SDK but isn’t really worth mentioning because it is rather useful for doing some simple tests than really developing shaders with it.

know any more? i think maya and softimage have something built in for shader development.

nvidia-composer on ati-card works. partly.

ey felipe ! nice to meet you, all right with ke4 ?

got some information about the card:

vertex shader v 1.1
pixel shader v 1.4

see a list of pixelshader functions with compatibilities:

interesting command:

A PS 1.4 pixel shader breaks a pixel shader up into two sections. This allows the pixel shader to increase the number of instructions.

Takes no space nor time


There are no arguments for the phase instruction. Instructions that come in the shader before the phase instruction are considered phase 1 instructions. Any instructions that come after the phase instruction are considered phase 2 instructions. There can be only one phase instruction in a shader. Each phase can use up to six texture operations followed by up to eight arithmetic operations. The shader must still place the ps and def instructions at the top of the shader.

The phase instruction is a marker used to indicate the intention to perform a dependant texture read, more texture fetches, or more arithmetic instructions.

Note: The alpha component of the temporary registers must be reinitialized after the phase command.


Thanks for the patch – I got it working! The shader editor is pretty cool. I like how easy it is to define the pins for vvvv.

Does “hell” mean “lightness” in German?

The girlpower\LightingAndTextureEffects.v4p shows how to do lighting.

This ATI shader demo shows some stuff that’s possible with ps 1.4

“hell” is “bright” in german. so so aha. “helligkeit” is “brightness”

oops. sorry, here an english version:

ColorChange.fx (2.8 kB)

I was just curious about the “hell”. Please feel free to name your variables however you want ;)