Pivot points of interrelated revolving stages

Hi this is a long shot, in my quest to get these interrelating revolves working im just wondering if there is a node which would do the maths of my pivot points.

So in the patch the Blue, green and yellow revolves sit within the red revolve which in turn sits on the white revolve. Each revolve has a black line so that you can have a reference and see the rotation of the revolve easily.

I have managed to get the Red revolve to rotate around when the white rotates but im not sure how to continue this further so that they are all interrelated.

Revolving stages (59.7 kB)

Transform3D look at the far left pins, they are your pivot offset.

Have a look at Solar.v4p in girlpower folder for hint on hierarchies for transforms…

yes, definitely look into how transformation hierarchy works. also subpatches is a good idea.

and i think you mixed up the meaining of diameter and radius:

furthermore i noticed that many IOBoxes and pins in your patch had a spread count of 4 or 20… so here is a nice shortcut to reset an IOBox or a pin: ALT + right click
also note that if you delete a link to an input pin that the values stay in the input pin. you should remember that while patching…

for more details have a look into the patch:

Revolves.zip (5.7 kB)

Great thanks everyone - I got abit bogged down at work so couldn’t look at this but Im looking after the kids tonight so will get onto this.

Amazing - works perfectly

glad to hear that!