Pipet (Texture) doesnt measue alpha channel

mh it seems that in beta9.2 doesnt read out the alpha channel correctly. the output of the alpha channel is always 1!

m. not here. can you connect an info(texture) node to the same pin the pipet is connected to and see if the textureformat actually has an alpha channel? if it has no alphachannel pipet defaults its alpha-output to 1

its a png saved out from photoshop. info says the following:
A8R8G8B8 : 32-bit ARGB pixel format with alpha, using 8 bits per channel.

maybe somethings wrong wit my texture? can u try it and say if it works for you?

i ll try it later on my laptop to see if it works there…

TVMeier_alphatest.png (10.5 kB)

for me alpha works .