Pipet resolution

hello all,

i’m having problem understanding pipet,

i need a simple patch where i have to set the number of horizontal pixel and vertical pixel of the original image,
and set the linear spread for the x and y pipet’s input pin in a way i have 1:1 map between original pixel image and pipet process and output.

Thanks a lot

The Pipet range goes from 0 to 1 unlike other renderer ranges which go -1 to 1. Just like creating an array of quads with the linear spread and cross nodes put the coordinates into the X & Y pins on the pippet. These wirll be the “Pick Points” where the color is sampled from your source image texture.

Yep what Digipic said. I just discovered the nodes TextureSpace and ProjectionSpace to easy convert between these, create one of these nodes and see the helpfile (press F1)

Although a map (Value) is easier to understand in this case.

Or you use an easy translate node in front of others ;)
See how the pixel sets are working in attached file. I needed some time to figure it out.

HowPipetWorks.v4p (20.5 kB)