Pipet on CPU without Readback

Is there a pipet version that works purely on CPU and doesn’t require Readback?

I only need a couple of samples on CPU and hope there might be a faster option.

Thanks a lot.

Well it’s called pipet ex9

CV image might have a pipet, that’s on CPU, also if you want to implement yourself you can try out System.Drawing images

CV does have a pipet, but you still have to read back the texture to cpu to process it…

Thanks everyone. I made this quick test. Looks like it makes sense to stick with the DX11 version especially if the texture is generated in DX11.


Is there a difference in the speed of different Readbacks? E.g. is reading back a texture quicker than reading back a buffer? What determines the speed - the size of the data?


This is a really interesting and related thread worth reading. Ignore the part about timings in my last post:

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