Ping Node

I have a question regarding some internal process of a node called “Ping”.
How das vvvv evaluate if a host is “Reachable”?
Does it send a ping like every frame or is there a different method for that?

the Ping (Network) is calling IcmpSendEcho every Interval seconds and if the return-value is IP_SUCCESS it returns: 1 otherwise: 0

I’m a bit confused with the timeout then…
Let’s say I set Interval to 10s and Timeout to 5s.
Now, 1 second after an interval, the connection gets lost. How can it time out after another 4 seconds if the next evaluation will take place in 9 seconds?

Timeout is a parameter to the IcmpSendEcho function mentioned above. so a sequence of events would be:

  • host is reachable
  • IcmpSendEcho immediately returns with IP_SUCCESS (ie. the timeout is not used)
  • host is now being disconnected
  • IcmpSendEcho will wait timeout seconds for a reply and return IP_REQ_TIMED_OUT if it doesn’t get one.

some years ago, i had issues with the native ping node, too. so i made this simple one that has an adjustable timeout. only strange thing back in those days was, that it didn’t work on a certain machine equipped with a xeon cpu.

iirc, the native ping node got a rework in the meantime, but maybe it helps.

NetworkPing.7z (6.8 kB)