Ping all them ips

I thought it would be a smooth task to do a kind of ip scanner. Just ping all the adresses in my subnet.
Like I dont want this to run all the time so wanted it as an object to create and kill after use. I have created a class with a loop that pings all the numbers. Then create it and store it in a pad. Then update and wait for the results. When ready dispose that class.

It works when just in the patch but not as fancy class thing :(
Seems i am doing something wrong and wonder how to do it properly.

massping.vl (25.3 KB)

have you seen the Ping [IO.Net] node? it already has an option to run repeatedly after a given time. therefore it should just work using it in a loop.

yes i am using that node. also yes it kind of works in a loop in a plain patch like i said.
although sometimes it stalls the patch or does not end.
the thing is i also would like to learn more about the concepts in gamma.
i imagine spawning this class as needed, get the results and then delete it.
would that be possible?

as a side note, and regarding that topic
i would like to modify the ping node because i dont want it to ping periodically. but i can not figure out what the dependencies of the internal nodes are :(

and one thing, maybe it is just this machine but when i create a fresh ping node it goes pink after few seconds with the default address.


i had a look at the Ping node and it indeed had a few issues. please make your test again with latest 2021.4.7 preview.

you can now just bang Enabled once and it will execute once.

yes it executes once but the HoldLatest inside is reset again after the bang so no result comes out :(

think the TogEdge should be connected to the reset OR. not the NOT :)

thanks for the report. confirmed. fixed accordingly for >2021.4.7

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