Pin Snooping

I’m needing to snoop on some pin infos. I think worked it out mostly (first time plugging!). I’m a bit confused though- in my plugin IPin2.Spread returns expected spread for input pins, but only the first slice for output pins.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this by design? (36.1 kB)

hei everyone, i am afraid, it is not possible to to read outputs via the plugininterface.

Thanks joreg.

Do you mean that more broadly? as in output pins and their properties entirely? In trying to discover the graph inside of a patch I noticed that INode2.Pins seems to give back both inlets and outlets of native nodes but only inlets of modules. Is this related to nodelist.xml somehow? or why the distinction?

Ok, so I guess it’s because modules have io boxes for inlets/outlets. I was filtering out pins with Direction == 0 (config). If I put that back then I see all the io boxes config pins, but not their io pins.

Actual context is I want to rebuild the graph- Nodes, Pins & Links (as seen in vvvv gui, maybe not under the hood) at one level of depth inside of a sandbox patch.