Pin selected but not really

Hi, I posted a wishlist to make pins bigger, because
I’ve been getting this bug, where I click a pin, it
gets selected BUT the click seems not to be working,
instead the screen moves, like in the attachment.

I clicked the 3rd Scale pin, move the mouse (to change values), but the screen moves instead of the value.


maybe-a-bug.png (42.4 kB)

looks a little like the dpi bug, but i am not sure.

qouting joreg here:

its seems to be the old and well known dpi-bug.

rightclick on your desktop > properties > advanced > allgemein (i.e. the first tab)
here you need to set your dpi settings to: 96

now everything should be a lot…tighter
(and i could really finally have a look at the code…it shouldn’t be to hard to fix. lazy boy)

found here:

nono kalle. that is not the dpi-bug.
it is just the well known imprcecise coding of mine…

i ever liked your coding