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when I have a processnode an in that processnode there are SOME nodes that are not in use, like this:

Then wherever I put that processnode all of its pins say ‘Pin Not In Use’, like this:

I think you’ll need to post the whole patch, not enough information to give you an answer.

of course, here you go: BUGMultiLevin.vl (46.5 KB)

When I posted this I didn’t fully understand the problem and thought you’d know what’s going on.
The problem is that in one of my processnodes, there are generic nodes lying around not connected to anything that say ‘not in use, not all type parameters can be inferred’, which is fair. When I put this processnode somewhere though, all of its pins of update are ‘not in use’, and it doesn’t tell you why.

who doesn’t hate these nodes that get ignored? So I tried to put that into words inside the patch BUGMultiLevin: BUGMultiLevin2.vl (45.6 KB)

Right. My intuition was that when inside the processnode there are nodes with typeparameters that cannot be inferred (which could be resolved, eg, by connecting to an input), these nodes inside would be ignored, as they are greyed out. My problem is just that the whole processnode from ‘outside’ does not work, and every pin says ‘Pin not in use’ - that is an error that is very hard to spot:

Like that it seems as I’m using the processnode in the wrong way, when really the error is inside the processnode.

Do you see what I mean? Does that make sense?

thanks. noted!

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