Pin groups doesn't stores values after exporting in very specific case

I tried to reproduce it in a different way, but it didn’t work. But in this particular case, the beginning of the group is discarded for some reason. VL.Tools is connected via ‘use repos’. I also modified the AssetPath in the screenshot to make sure that part of the group is truncated.

A little clarification on the screenshots: when the application is not exported, I can see how the node pins are correctly connected. When the application is exported, part of the spread that should be formed by the node pins is cut off.

6.5-0006 and 6.3

VL.Tools.vl (21.4 KB)

pin_group_issue.vl (6.2 KB)

before export:


This is where I modified to directly verify that part is missing.

And if you explicitly set the inputs through IOBoxes, the problem disappears.
It is suspected that the problem is due to the default value.

Yep, it’s definitely related to the default value.

found a way to reproduce

pin_group_issue2.vl (11.7 KB)

Thanks for the report. Behavior should be consistent in upcoming builds (>= 6.4-0025).