Pin does not take in upstream value

  1. open a fresh document, go to Application view
  2. make a + node, try to enter a formula like this: “1/5” instead of “0.2” into a pin (you will see the value in the pin will not change)
  3. make a iobox from the pin, try change the value of the iobox (you will see the value in the pin will still not change)

this is what happens: "1.0 + 0.2 = 1.0"

hm…cannot follow…

ad 1) when opening a fresh document you are by default in application view, right? ie. no need to “go” there.

ad 2) when placing a + node there, it initially is adaptive, ie you cannot enter a value on its input pins, because it doesn’t have a type yet. so i assume you created a + [Float32] node there? if i do so, then i can enter a formula at the pin directly and it works.

can you save such a broken patch and attach it here?

ok, let me get more precise

  1. start vvvv gamma
  2. add a + which will be the generic version
  3. rightclick the first pin of the + (called Input1), middleclick somewhere to create a named IOBox, and set it to 1

the naming of the iobox is incomplete, btw.

  1. rightclick the second pin of the + and enter 1/3 (shorthand for 0.3333)

this provokes the first bug, the pin will still be 0 (or whatever it was set to prior this action). I suspect something fails silently here, but incompletely

  1. rightclick the second pin again, and middleclick somewhere to create a named iobox

the name of the iobox is missing here, btw

  1. set the new iobox to any value (e.g. 1), you will see it will properly update the iobox

and this is the initally reported bug: the correctly shown value by the iobox will not be shown in the second pin of the +, instead it will be stuck to whatever it was set to just prior the entry of the division

  1. disconnect the unnamed iobox, and try to enter a value in the second pin by rightclicking and entering e.g. 1

you can see how the value will be shown briefly, before it snaps back to the wrong value

fair game?

and thinking about it, maybe you could add some emoticons to the forum to indicate if one is talking about a node, a pin, an iobox or a value. could help making followable bug reports ;)

this is with latest preview 200:

could it be you’re using an older preview? sounds a bit like what was reported and fixed already here: Change in Stroke width not registering

a new install provides a fix for the original issue. thanks for that.
but oh joreg, just having to search the gamma download link, let alone having no log of changes at all could be an issue on itself.

but honestly, the course of this thread makes me wonder if I really want to file a website feature request on the forum about gamma.

are you aware of the fact that we update the blogpost almost every day? inlcuding changelog:

no, actually I wasn’t. frequent unannounced edits of blogposts is not something one regularily encounters here
alpha downloads draw a blank, btw.

forum meta aside, next time maybe you could acknowledge some appreciation at least between the lines, if you want bug reports and user stories to come in. this whole please-be-more-specific with no point really turns it all too soon into an unnecessarily obnoxious chore, all for a simple highlight that something basic seems very broken in an alpha

thanks again that there is a fix, but jc

please excuse the brief and not so well formulated answer from before, it for sure wasn’t my intention to be rude in any way.

and of course we highly appreciate all user feedback we get, keep it coming!

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