Hi devvvs,
quick question about the IPin2 event Changed

the specs say:

The changed event occurs when the pins data changed.

I am writing a plugin where I need to be notified when pin value changes.

I have an event CB that is connected to “Pin.Changed” on IOBOX (exposed outlet), but my CB does not get called.

I tried to hook up the pin “IOBOX.Y Input Value” as well as “IOBOX.Y Output Value” changed event, but when the pin value is changed I do not receive an event. Instead when I try to do a patch with IOBOX + Change, of course it works. Some suggestions? Why does not work inside a plugin?


please, paste your code.

the thing you’re searching might be described in the code-snippets

only input pins which you import as IDiffSpread can provide the IsChanged flag or the Changed event…

@sebl: I want to extend the Server node, in such a way so it can send OSC message for the exposed IOBOX when the node is changing its data in the mainloop, not manually with mouse…inside the patch window.

@tonfilm: How one can be notified when some node changes its data/state, like hooking one of those events pluginspecs/html/Events_T_VVVV_PluginInterfaces_V2_Graph_INode2.htm? If this works, then I can get the data from the right pin and send it over OSC. (I am speaking only for the exposed nodes, of course)

I am sorry if I am splitting this thread in two, but my question here is rather technical question, no?


@zeos: true, what you’re asking for is not possible at the moment.

@joreg: Thanks! I see… I put some code in the “Evaluate” to iterate through the outlet IOBox-es and send their data. Of course this is not efficient, but as proof-of-concept it works. When there is an event to hook-up, I will re-write the code.