Picture stack slices question

Hi there, I’m using Picture stack as a way to view lots of image sequences at once, sort of like a browser I guess.

Basically it shows on screen sets of 16 image sequences at a time from individual folders from one main folder.

When this main folder has up to 32 folders in it it works great. I can view the first 16 image sequences then click next in my patch and see the next 16 etc…and go back and forth.

The problem arises when I add more folders of image sequences to this main folder. When I then run the patch it hangs on load time, I’m guessing maybe it’s trying to load all these folders into memory? Is there a way to have it just load the 16 slices it needs to show on demand rather than loading every folder in the main folder when the patch is first loaded?

if you’re not using the Preload Count or an extra Preloader (EX9.Texture) nothing should be preloaded and i don’t see a reason for it to get slower. maybe it helps if you let us have a look at the patch.

Strange, yeah I’m not using any preloading but the more folders of images that are in my main ImageSequences folder the longer the patch hangs when opened.

With no images it loads instantly in vvvv

If I then create folders of images say 35 folders of images then load the patch it hangs for at least a minute before opening.

If I have even more folders than this is hang is for even longer.

I can’t send the images as it’ll be over 100MB so you’ll have to test it with some of your own images.

Thanks for the help.

WEBCAM_GRID.rar (12.0 kB)

I can get around the problem by deleting the folders and starting again, or moving them out of the directory that vvvv points at, but it’s not ideal.
Sometimes vvvv will hang and then start working if I leave it and other times it’ll just stop working all together.

mkay. my fault. i just noticed that a Preload Count of 0 means it loads all frames. so please try it with 1 instead.