Picture loading

I recently made a patch which loads random pictures using the DIR module patched into the filetexture module. A getslice(string) module between the other two modules selects the Picture. Now every time a new picture is Loaded, the patch starts to stutter.
Is there a possibility to preload pictures, or to eliminate the stuttering?

take a look at my image sequence player… it might help

first patch on this page.

picture loading speed depends much on its size and hdd speed
its best to use sizes like 512x512 or 512x256 and jpg or bmp.
png is slow to decode.with these sizes an image can load in 0.01 sec onto your gpu. but if you have enough vram then dujoducom’s
way is to go.

sometimes it seems to be enough to make the getslice after the filetexture node, so use a getslice(node) instead of your getslice(string). and set the filetexture to load on background.