PhysX implementaton, mesh problem

I have been working on Nvidia PhysX implementaion in vvvv, for now i have scene node and convex mesh node.

This initializes physx scene and adds meshes to it, aplies gravity. It is working just fine, but I have problem with supplying geometry to convex mesh node. I split mesh and vertex buffer and supply vertex data to node via spreads (pos, norms, diffs, …).

Making mesh spreads this way is very hard. I want to input mesh into node as pointer to slim dx mesh (as outputed in mesh templates), if it is possible. This way I could input spreads into node and cook them into physx scene.

I’m willing to supply sources! These nodes are made using v1 interfaces and they require specific version of slim dx and native physx dll-s, but not impossible to match.

Nodes at ths time output transformation matrix that is supplied to shaders.

discussion is continued in this thread: