Photosynth pointcloud successfully imported to vvvv :)

Well this is a nice achievement, but i can´t take the credit for it,
the original idea was by ??? ( sorry i cant find the owner, but im sure the someone here will know ) who made the file Radiohead HOC poitcloud, well more like a box cloud :P

i was amazed with the idea, and when i saw photosynt and how easy anybody can create pointcloud data i stared looking for a way of getting that data our of the silverligth plug in, well i found this and that just the answer ! :)

just export the link of the photosynt link to a .obj file, and then rename it to a .csv , load it into the patch, and increase the amout of slices on the “box count” field and you migh need to reposition the transform node “fix word orientation”.

i dont want to upload this to contributions yet because i want to have the names for the credits, and i think this patch can be inproved a lot, this is the 1st demo, but i want to share it rigth now, it opens a new world to all “not kinect owners”

feel free to add any modifications.

( this is the image that i used )

photosynt pointcloud (69.0 kB)

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Nice one-looks neat. Will have to revisit PhotoSynth at some point. How does the importing go with larger data sets?

Might be neat to be able to render these to 128bpp textures for gpu particle library.

Nice, I was totally unaware of Photosynth and its pointcloud feature.

Nice one, I also didn’t know photosynth could export the 3d cloud.

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any idea how to integrate this to a shader ? i was trying mixing this with gpu shader library with no success , im able to get the “boxes” but if i add the colors performance drops at 3fps

here’s a modified dottoreshader thingy that draws the points at 60 fps here:

pointcloudGPU.rar (324.7 kB)

Great, but particullesgpu its red or missing :S

the effect? if so, just drop the corresponding .fx-file into vvvv.

if not - please be more precise, i don’t understand

Mesh-Module was missing

ParticlesGPU_Mesh_Sprites.v4p (17.0 kB)

argggg!! i really want to see this working!!!
tnks all for the contribution, but my vector (spreads join) its still red
its not on vvvv.
I’m on win7 sp3 64b vvvv ver 27.1 with add-on pack ( unzipped with 7zip )
what I’m doing wrong?

place mesh-module inside the folder, open static sprites.v4 and click update
works for me

Great, it worked just fine on another pc with a clean installation, i still need to figure it out whats the issue with mine, i think win seven spa its giving me issues, i will move to win 7 64b eng.

@sebl thank you for the patch, the difference its amazing, in a few days i will take several pics from a huge landmark of my city, and i will show you the results.