Photoshop save assets, black Transparency

hi there,

i am just including png files in my ex9 renderer.
The file is white typografie on transparence background. at the edge of the white the image has half transparent pixel. Those them to have a black color information.

If I export the image out of photoshop with “save as” … .png the problem does not appeare. If I export it automatically this “Generate / assets” the black edge come around.

Does somebody know how I can use this assets export without having the artefacts in the png?

Thanks for any help


hope I understood your problem
I did it often and Generate/assets in photoshop and vvvvRendering was never a problem

did you set the renderer background color to white with alpha zero and dx9texture
send you example patch

also cool
another nice one

good luck
CeeYaa (20.7 kB)

Thanks CeeYaa,

the problem was already in the PNG File. I could solve the problem with pushing the images though this software

It kills all unnessecary information, and so it killed the black data information in half transparency of the png.

See you soon, at the node