Photo booth with vvvv, camera setup

I have to make what is basically a fancy photo booth. Since VVVV is my favorite weapon of choice when I have to integrate many different things (camera, image manipulation, micro controllers/motion, printer, screen) in little time I hope it can be the glue I need.

Already tried webcam (logitech C930e) and even if it can deliver high resolution the image quality is not very nice for good portraits.

Next step up seem to be budget DSLR with live preview and ability to take photos from PC(vvvv) so the Canon EOS range of cameras with EDSDK (DX11) looks interesting.

Canon Eos 1300D looks like a good candidate with low price and decent live view resolution and confirmed to work (Problem with EDSDK).

I would appreciate any input from people experienced with EDSDK who can confirm that getting stream from camera and taking photos and getting them into VVVV works well.

Also any experience with building photo booths with VVVV (or otherwise ) are welcome.

Also considering Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera (GoPro like) with live stream and http commands, mostly because client seem to want to avoid a large opening for camera lense which seem hard to avoid with DSLR.

The OlympusAir works by HTTP requests to control it, for example, there is a someone controlling it with an Intel Edison board. The controls look very fully featured. I couldn’t find the documentation, but you could call the Python scripts from shell execute.

Sony has a couple cameras including the chip-for-a-body QX-100 that have a HTTP request api too.

Ended up using the webcam in the end since it just worked and quality was good enough for the print sizes the client wanted.

Tried but gave up quickly with the Virb Ultra 30 action camera due to video stream latency and glitches.

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