phongMulti not working in version 21

Hello , Does anyone how to make work the phong Multi from joreg in version 21 , when opening in version 20 it works but once it is in version 21 there are some pins missing ?

Link to that shader
It will be really good if someone would be able to fix that!

hm…i had a look at that on an nvidia285 card and it worked. no other card at hands at the moment…

yes it seems strange , specially for the pins to disapear , hope you find another computer to test , thanks

9800 on Win 7 nothing, and i checked on lappy on XP-SP3 with 8400 GS, same disappeared pins… might be some kind of dx-sdk needed?
will check on GF-280 t-morrow

Checked on 280 still missing pins and white Render…Maybe we missing something installed?

joreg you were right! work like charm even on 9800
but i can’t understand the bug with pins:

Pins starting from “float” : “Power, Light Range, Range Gamma” are disappeared, but if i do “float2” the pin appears! So if i do “float3” and way how to parse XYZ on lPowerLightCount, lRangeLightCount, lGammaLightCount i will solve that… hope™

but anyway thx!

aright, now i see the problem with beta21. seems i introduced a last minute bug in that release. i can only tell you that meanwhile that is fixed for beta>21 already.