PhidgetsIO Plugin

Here’s my first crack at a plugin! It’s definitely “alpha” version, but it works enough for testing if you have a phidgets interface kit type board. Before this, the best way was to go through a flash renderer in vvvv, which is a kind of ridiculous hack!

Make sure you have the other phidgets stuff installed as it relies on their .dlls.

I’d like to flesh this out a bit more, but it should handle analog and digital IO and report if it is attached or not. Let me know if there are any issues, and I’ll post updates as I work on it more.

Can anyone upload code to the SVN repository? I’d gladly upload the code if that is the best way to do it.

PhidgetsIO.dll (20.5 kB)

An update, the last one only worked if added to a newly created file (ie: by clicking on vvvv.exe for some reason). This one works from saved files.

A help file:
PhidgetsIO (GUI) help.v4p (13.20 Kb)

The .dll:
PhidgetsIO.dll (20.48 Kb)

helo dujo,

would you mind coming to #vvvv on IRC to discuss your code and its upload to the repository?

i am around there most of the time,

OK, future development has been moved to the SVN repository. You can view/grab the source here.



i use one linear touch sensor and one rotary touch sensor connected via USB.

the bugs
the plugin sometimes doesnt show the connected phidgets. i can’t specify more, disconnecting, reconnecting solves the problem.

more severe
right click on the plugin to show the GUI results in a crash, the GUI window comes up with a red cross, the plugin keeps working and outputs the values. just the GUI doesnt work at all.

Interesting, so can you get it to receive input from the linear touch and rotary touch sensor? I only have an 8/8/8 Phidgets Interface Kit at the moment, so that’s all I was able to test with. Theoretically those two boards should be recognized as an interface kit with two digital inputs and an analog input.

Right now you can’t have two connected at once either, I’m working on a version that accepts the serial number of the board so that you can connect if there is more than one board plugged in. That might solve the inconsistency problem.

As for the GUI window… I have no idea what that could be, the GUI doesn’t really do anything at the moment so I think I’m going to switch to the “Simple” template. I’m also not using anything special with the GUI, it’s simply writing some text.

Thanks for the feedback!

hey dujoducom,

thanks for your plugin.
but if i install the plugin, i get a error:

  1. no pin is visible (file attached)

  2. error message (file attached)

what`s wrong
thanks for your support

file… no text …

phidgets bug.JPG (94.7 kB)


anyone a idea.
thanks for your support.

Plugin for Phidgets you are great dujoducom
But I have the same error like shown on Phidgets bug.jpg.

I am using the new download form phidget : version

Thanks for your attention
best regards

… no text …

Hey, sorry, I’ve been busy with other projects and I haven’t had any time to further develop the phidgets plugin yet. I really have no idea what the bug shown in the .jpg is, I’ve only tested it on my machine and haven’t had that issue.

Which phidgets device are you using espo?


i found the bug

don`t use the newer version of phidget.msi.
Now, i work with version Phidget_2.1.3.20080114.msi
and everything is fine.


Hi Dujoducom

I may have troubles because of the software version:
Phidgets version (The one we can get from there homepage)! Apparently Jens fund a shortcut… But were can one find the older version of phidget software?

I just tried to plug-in a Interfaceboard 8/8/8 and hope to try the LED 64 boad as output device - if that would be possible one time in the future. I realy like using phidgets, because it is so simple to work with in combination with Max/msp and now vvvv.



I just hab a look at the Plug In an compiled it with the new driber installed. After that that the .dll works with the new driver.
can anybody try this?


Phidget2_4_1.rar (6.03 Kb)


I tried the new versio with phidget version works a treat. have a bit of a problem detecting sometimes - but i think this is a problem at my end. Great plugin - thanks!


had a little workaround with the Phidgets.

Now there are three Plug Ins:

  • A Phidget Accelerometer Plug In
  • A Phidget Interface Plug In like dujoducom’s (just with some more possibilities)
  • A Phidget Snuffler Plug In

It would be cool if there are some more test’s. Especially with more than one Phidget connected to a PC.

Havvve Fun

Phidgets_Collection.rar (57.2 kB)


Thank you Phlegma, now I have a connection into the Phidgets Interface Plug In -> fantastic :)

Then the next challange would be to send a spred into the PhidgetLED-64. any ideas?

Best weekend…Slaut!



i think that would be no problem. But had nerver a look on such an interface and their classes.
Probablly soon…
I am just back from holiday.


Hi phlegma,

it is possible to use the phidgets RFID reader in vvvv
with our plugins.

thanks for your support