Phidget InterfaceKit

Hi there.
I need some help. Phidget is not working properly on my computer.
It seems like I cannot communicate with it, all though I have downloaded the drivers. I can see it in the Phidget Control Panel but in vvvv, it says that it is disabled.

Any help is appreciated!

//. Christina

Close the control panel, restart vvvv and try again.

Tried this… Still nothing.

Remove the phidget control panel from Startup/Autostart, restart the computer.

Create a Renderer (TTY) before creating the Plugin-Node, does it show any error messages?

Is the plugin red or gray?
Do other plugins work?

It says that the IO caused error in Evaluate:Index was outside of the array’s borders/limmits. (translated from Danish)
It is gray but when I attach the phidget, the IO snuffler becomes red.

Think I may have solved the problem. I can get it to react now :)
But thanks.