PHIDGET 8/8/8 1018_3B

Hi everyone,
there’s the possibility to use the new version of phidget controller (v3) in V4 beta?



if you are not scared of VL, you could patch it as a plugin. it is just few nodes for some basic functionality. there are some threads about it and there is also a VL nuget for gamma to look at and to borrow from.

With gamma an the mentioned nuget it should be possible to use the phidget 8/8/8. From

Beta ist using Phidget 21, so not compatible with the board.

@phlegma you mean the phidget lib that ships with the addonpack? if you use VL in beta you wont use that anyway but get the nuget. actually i just tried your nuget in VL for beta and it seems to work just fine. opened the voltageinput help patch and there was just an error with the enableserverdiscovery node. anyway i cant really test if its really working because i have no phidget device at hand.

@aelfwine here is the beta patch and the vl plugin with the voltageinput help patch inside. sorry for the naming, it meant to be just a quick test.
you will still need to install the phidget nuget, it should be marked red in the dependencies menu and can be installed from there with a click. look into the nuget directory for the other help patches. (45.9 KB)

yeah meant the phidget lib from the addon pack. Did never tested the nuget with VL in beta.

@phlegma @tgd thanks for the patch…I will test it during this day.

I’ve some old installation made in beta and the idea is making the minimum changes possible.