Perspective in different Renderers

This is very likely a silly question, however I mostly appreciate a little hint from the friendly vvvv community.

I like to do project with 3 projectors, the center projection is fullHD and the sides are 4x3 in portrait mode. Now I need to find the right setup for the 3 renderer, which turns out to be more complex than I thought, as soon as I use the perspective node…

The example patch shows what I mean. As soon as the perspective is tilting, the image is kind of wrong…

What’s the secret to get the right perspective in every renderer?

ProjectorSetup.v4p (21.2 kB)

2 ways, easiest is to render to a texture of correct dimensions aspect ratio and then use that texture with some transforms to crop sections you need, or harder, PerspectiveLookAtRect which deals with it in a 3d way, so your looking from the same view point ‘through’ the windows of your rectangle into a 3d scene. The 2nd method is more for if your screens arent all in the same plane or more arbitrarily positioned

Thank you for the quick answer! :)
I’ll try to transfer this into my patch…