Persistent changes to values

i am trying to generate a persistent particle system where the changes that i make to the system with an attractor would remain in the initial values even when the attractors have disappeared?

i have the idea of creating a set of random values from a randomspread or a gaussianspread, feed the values through to a buffer of some sort. the system would then proceed to pass its values to say a series of dampers/oscillators and attractors. after the values have been modified by the attractors, they would be be looped back to the buffer system to be stored such that the changes made by the attractors are persistent.

that is the idea… however i am not sure how to create this buffer that would allow me to store the changes made by the attractors. Is this feedback system not achievable within vvvv?

To sample a spread of values check out the s+h nodes.
Or you might take a closer look at the “queue” nodes that provide you with a simple extensible buffer.

thanks for the tip. I have figured out what i wanted to do with a simple frame delay and have a “feed back” system so that the values are fed back and be manipulated again.

hi levvvvky,
that’s exactly it…

framedelay is the most basic building block for anything you want to store in a variable / for any state of a patch.

In fact all nodes with states (like a toggle has a toggle state, or a s+h has a stored value state) can be seen as nodes having an implicit framedelay inside.

  • A XOR combined with framedelay: A Toggle.
  • A Switch combined with framedelay: S+H

check out: