Persistence of Vision

Hi there,

I’d like to build a cheap Spherical Persistence of Vision display by using Arduino+motor+LEDs… This to make my hands a bit more on Arduino.

Any hints, advices on LEDs/Arduino/Motors to use for this kind of task would definitely be great. Or any statement about similar projects done with vvvv would be nice too.

I know Meso did this already (nonsphericalway) at a massive scale!

Opening this thread as some other users may be interested in.



Lets talk about on Skype. Faster !

leveraging how do I get the data from this charge controller in vvvv?

is this going anywhere? Can we join the effort? I am interested in this one too.

Trying also to find a high rpm solution similar to the “rabbit tanaka” rave light, not necessarily with leds, but I came up with the following that may help:

USB “DC motor controller” / Brushless Speed Controller

howto motors

BLD 7010
Jrk 12v12

But still trying to find a solution for the following:

Any way to connect 8 high rpm brushless motors to VVVV via 1 USB for multiple overlapping wagon wheels / moire effects with independent velocity control?